Low Footprint Lamb are committed to running a sustainable agricultural business, on land we feel privileged to work and live on. Running an intensive, highly productive operation means we produce more from less area and animals. Our land assets and rainfall are fully utilised and we produce less methane per kg of meat sold.

We are including feed additives to barley to maintain rumen PH, reducing the negative effects of acidosis. This also increases digestive efficiency and reduces methane emissions. Methane lost from the rumen is energy lost from production.

We have planted an average of 1,000 trees a year for the past 6 years and planted over 3,200 this year (2021) in a mix of forestry plots, shelter belts, shade trees and nature corridors. This all adds to our business providing future timber for sale, construction and shelter for our livestock (reducing stress and increasing survival). It also improves our work environment, locking up carbon in our hardwoods and increasing our on farm organic matter.

Our sheep type require very few animal health chemicals (insecticides and drenches).

Livestock losses are composted with organic waste and recycled as nutrients for our home garden and orchard.

Thanks to the previous owner, we have a large solar system on our sheds, which we plan to add to and include a battery so we have independent power in times of disaster (fire and storms). Also reducing our reliance on fossil fuel.

We believe we can run a carbon neutral red meat business and are currently tracking our emissions so that we are in a position to act, as science provides a clearer way forward.

We feel very privileged to be on the land and aim to leave it, and the environment in the best possible condition for future farming families to enjoy.